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I’m a partner at Olsen Daines and a consumer law adjunct professor at Lewis & Clark Law School.

In 2015, I was ranked among the top 2.5% of my peers by Super Lawyers ® magazine. My AV Rating ® is Preeminent.

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Michael Fuller Portland Lawyer

I chair my firm’s commercial litigation group. My boutique banking law practice focuses on:

• Bankruptcy Enforcement
Credit Reports

My website is called Underdog Lawyer ® because I enjoy representing the little guy against Wall Street and Corporate America.

To learn more about my escape from the trailer park in pursuit of the American Dream, read The Passion of the Underdog.

About Underdog Lawyer ®

I strive to provide belt-and-suspenders commercial litigation without the white-shoe era sluggishness.

Michael Fuller Underdog Lawyer

My rate is $365 per hour and about 20% of my cases are pro bono.

McEldery v Nationstar KATU Underdog Lawyer

Contact my scheduler Yaneli at 503-362-9393 to setup a consultation.

Local Underdog Makes Good

As far back as I can remember, I always wanted to be a lawyer.

In all honesty, the Underdog Lawyer ® website name is as much a reference to my own story, as it is my clients. I was held back in the first grade, expelled from middle school, and repeatedly suspended in high school.

The day I passed the bar was the best day in my life. I come from humble beginnings and am the first in my family to attend college.

Michael Fuller Underdog Lawyer

I take particular pleasure in extracting as much money from Wall Street as the law allows.

Michael Fuller on KOIN 6 News

For motivation, I started calling my website Underdog Lawyer ®. To hold myself accountable, I even registered Underdog Lawyer ® with the trademark office.


I’m a younger lawyer and realize I won’t usually be the smartest person in the courtroom. I know I have to compensate through preparation and research.

Olsen Daines

I’m honored to chair the commercial litigation group at Olsen Daines, the largest consumer protection law firm in the Northwest.


Olsen Daines’ attorneys have over 150 years combined experience and have represented over 30,000 consumers since 1978.

Olsen Daines Headquarters

In 2007, I joined Olsen Daines as a law clerk, under the mentorship of Eric Olsen and the firm’s Salem attorneys.

In 2008, the subprime mortgage crisis hit. I passed the bar in 2009 and joined the firm’s Portland consumer bankruptcy group as an associate.

In 2011, I became chair and lead trial attorney for the firm’s emerging commercial litigation group.

In 2014, I became partner-in-charge of the firm’s Portland office.